Welcome to Peakview Lodge

Whether you’re planning a change of job or sabbatical, are having a break after school or uni, or just wanting to try something different – I believe that choosing to do a season or long stay in the mountains is definitely one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life.

Why Book with Us!

Organizing your accommodation in Whistler can be expensive and frustating, especially if it is not organized before you get to the resort.

Seasonal accommodation is such a rarity that most people have to travel to Whistler as early as August to secure a place to live. This is expensive and forces them to be there during the down season, when most summer jobs are wrapping up.

So why not arrive at the start of the ski season with all your accommodation needs taken care of in advance so that you can just focus on enjoying your time and preparing yourself for an epic ski season in Whistler.

If your traveling to Whistler on your own, then staying in one of our properties might well be the perfect solution for you. We rent out the beds individually so you can leave all the hassle and worry of finding house mates to us. Couples are encouraged and welcome as well.